Sunday 22 May 2016

Austrian Cultural Forum
28 Rutland Gate
London SW7

(nearest tube:  Knightsbridge – Parking in ‘pay and display’)

11am - 4pm.    
Coffee and biscuits from 10.30am
Lunch: sandwiches, fruit and yoghurts at cost price

Tickets £20

Mahler and Shostakovich

Presented by Holger Aston

As well as being symphonic composers of international repute, Mahler and Shostakovich both came to be considered spokesmen for the age and society in which they lived.  In this study day we will look at how these two hypersensitive composers were able to respond to the world around them, forging a vision which remains deeply personal and representative at the same time.  We will see how both composers used inherited musical traditions to depict but also to escape from their respective worlds.  As well as the music of Mahler and Shostakovich we will also reference contemporary literature of the time.

Holger Aston read Russian and German at Oxford before continuing his musical studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.  More recently, he spent a year at the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy in Hungary.  Holger is extensively involved in music education, and teaches at the Mary Ward Centre, Notting Hill and Ealing High School, Colourstrings Music School, and for the British Kodály Society.  He is a pianist, cellist and choral conductor.  Holger’s interest in Shostakovich dates back to his time as a cello student of Elizabeth Wilson (author of ‘Shostakovich – a Life Remembered’.

To attend the event
make cheques payable to GMS UK and send to:

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14 Balaclava Road
Surrey KT6 5PN

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Monday 14 March 2016
Austrian Cultural Forum

Mahler at the Met
Presented by Patrick Bade

Sunday 29 November 2015
Austrian Cultural Forum

Comparing worlds: Mahler and Sibelius
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Sunday 11 October 2015
Austrian Cultural Forum

Symphonic Studies: Mahler’s First Symphony
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Tuesday 7July 2015
Cafe des Amis
11-14 Hanover Place,
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The GMS UK Annual Birthday Dinner and AGM

Sunday 17 May 2015
Austrian Cultural Forum

Elgar and Mahler, different routes to mastery
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Tuesday 10 March 2015
Austrian Cultural Forum

An Evening with Alma Mahler
Presented by Patrick Bade

Sunday 16 November 2014
Austrian Cultural Forum

Mahler and Strauss: Kindred Spirits? 
Presented by Gavin Plumley
Tickets £18

Sunday 5 October 2014
Austrian Cultural Forum
'The Microcosm of Song'
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Monday 7 July 2014   
Annual Birthday Dinner and AGM

Venue: The Roof Garden, Sofra Restaurant
Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7PB

Wednesday 7 May 2014
Music Library at the Barbican Library
'Bruno Walter: a Retrospective.
presented by Dr Raymond Holden
Tickets £18

Sunday 30 March 2014
Austrian Cultural Forum
Mahler, Freud, Secessionists and the Inner Life
presented by Roderick Swanston
Tickets £18

Sunday 1 December 2013
Austrian Cultural Forum
Mahler in Vienna: 1897 - 1907
presented by Roderick Swanston
Tickets £18

Monday 11 November 2013
Pushkin House
‘Mahler and Russia’
presented by Terry Barfoot
Tickets £12

Sunday 6 October 2013
Austrian Cultural Forum
Mahler and Opera
presented by David Nice
Tickets £18

Monday 8 July
The Roof Garden, Sofra Restaurant
36 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden
London WC2E 7PB

Sunday 2 June at the
Austrian Cultural Forum

The modern orchestra linked to Mahler
Presented by Dr Raymond Holden
Tickets £18

Sunday 14 April at the
Austrian Cultural Forum

“Conducting Mahler:
A View from the Podium.”
Presented by Peter Fender
Tickets £18

Wednesday 20 February 2013
The Barbican Music Library in the General Library
Mahler Recordings
Tickets £10

Sunday 2 December 2012
Austrian Cultural Forum

Tickets £18
Mahler's expansion of the sound world of symphony
presented by Gwyn Parry-Jones

Thursday 25 October 2012
Annual GMS UK Dinner & AGM

Wednesday 19 September 2012
Music Library at the Barbican Library
Tickets £10
‘Sir John Barbirolli as a Mahler Conductor’
presented by Dr Raymond Holden Hon ARAM

Sunday 24 June 2012 11 - 4pm
The Austrian Cultural Forum
Tickets £18
‘Mahler and the Erotic’
presented by Gavin Plumley

Wednesday 25 April 2012
Pushkin House 7 - 9pm
Tickets £12
Mahler and Alma: Anatomy of Marriage
presented by Norman Lebrecht

Sunday 12 February 2012
Austrian Cultural Forum 11 - 4

Tickets £18

Kathleen Ferrier and Mahler
presented by Christopher Fifield

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